Some Market Intelligence* For Your Consideration

On average, CSA members are the “cream of the crop” socio-economically – but there’s certainly nothing average about them:

Average Age: 67 years

(the “younger” side of maturity)


Average Family Income: $73,000

34% greater than $76,000 (most of which is discretionary)


Home Ownership: 90% own their own homes in Canada

61% own their homes in the U.S. (the majority free and clear)


Marital Status: 83% married

(a stable, loyal market)


Migration Transportation: 74% drive south

10% of which is by RV


*Based on statistical research compiled from CSANews readership survey 2016

Reach the members of the Canadian Snowbird Association

CSANews is the official publication of the Canadian Snowbird Association, the only association that dedicates its time and energy exclusively to improving the lifestyle of Canadians who travel south each winter.

We are unique in that we deliver to their American homes in winter. Spring, Summer Issues are delivered to their Canadian homes while they are in the planning stages of their next trip. This segment of the seniors market migrates south each October and does not return until April. Snowbirds are in the south up to 6 months.

Let CSANews work for you!

Your message will reach more than 134,000 Snowbirds. This targeted penetration of an otherwise elusive market sample is compounded further by the loyal relationship which resides within the membership of the Snowbird community.

The Profitable Mature Market “Goes South”

This lucrative segment of the seniors market migrates south each October and doesn’t return to the north until April. More than 500,000 Canadian Snowbirds simply aren’t here to see, read or listen to your message. But CSANews follows Snowbirds south, delivering the publication to their American households during the winter months. Additional free distribution is realized through our face-to-face interaction with Snowbirds at our coveted Snowbird Special Events.

Featured Topics

Each issue of CSANews features editorial content which reflects current trends, opinions and perspectives on the issues that are intrinsic to the lifestyle of the Canadian Snowbird. These regular columns include:

Finance – Income is a critical component to the continued enjoyment of a dual household lifestyle. Most Snowbirds are not “earners,” but are savers and money managers. Snowbirds want to maximize the value of a dollar and make their money work for them.

Insurance – Every time you leave your home province, the cost of emergency health-care is an issue, like it or not. The catalyst which gave birth to the CSA was health care, and it continues to be the number one issue for long-term winter travellers.

Travel – Traditionally, Snowbirds have migrated to the southern climates of Florida, but this is changing. Snowbirds are looking for new and interesting places to visit. And if it’s outside North America, they need new ways to get there. The security of a tour, the convenience of air travel and the comfort of cruising are all emerging markets for the “up and coming” Snowbird demographic.

Destinations – They’ve been there and done that! Our grass roots market research has proved time and again that Snowbirds go where Snowbirds are. They trust the word of a friend or the endorsement of a publication they trust. They want information, attractions, comfort and convenience. The art of suggestion tends to draw them to new and interesting places for a short stay en-route or as a fresh long-term alternative.

Health – If you haven’t got your health, nothing else matters. Snowbirds want to enjoy the lifestyle they’ve worked hard to achieve, and they want to enjoy it for as long as they can. Providing tips, cutting-edge developments in medical research and advice on healthy living is a key to the kingdom of long-term Snowbird living, and CSANews is proud to be a part of it.

Lifestyle – What it’s all about! Living life the way they always dreamed of. The kids have grown, the work is done; now it’s time to play, the way they want to.

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